Shabbaaaaa began as an underground dancehall-influenced event, and has grown into a global new-youth centric movement. Growing up in the late 90s-2000s, DJs / Founders Drewbyrd and Sean G saw the Air Max become a staple for many DJs and producers alike. Now they rock the classic silhouette with their own custom spin.

For Shabbaaaaa's Air Max 90 palette, they were inspired by their trip to Jamaica, and took the Black, Green and Yellow, but toned it down to have an earthy feel to it.

From DJ'ing parties all over the world to starting Shabbaaaaa Sound Radio on Apple Music, Drew and Sean are continuing to find new ways to stay creative at home, and have used the Nike By You platform to tell their story through it.

*As part of this project, we’re proud to make a donation to the Marley's Ghetto Youths Foundation on behalf of Nike. On top of that, with the recent loss of our dear friend, we will also be donating to the Quinn Coleman Memorial Fund on behalf of Nike.*

Nike Air Max 90 By You $140